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COVID-19 Disclosure Statement

     At Jump 2 It, we know that this is a very difficult time on families with the children being stuck at home with limited outdoor activities to participate in.  So we here at Jump 2 It have been racking our brains as to how to help with this situation, but to also keep everything as safe as can be.  We have come up with the following system.

     As a nation, we are all doing our part to limit everyone's exposure to the Coronavirus, and part of that is the kids not attending school and using social-distancing to help prevent the spread of the disease.  And though it has been difficult for the event industry, Jump 2 It is right on board with all of the measures being handed down from the city, state and national levels.  So with that in mind we are changing up the way we are doing business for a little while.

Going forward, Jump 2 It will be doing the following:

1.  Offering multi-day long rentals for customers that request it.  The extra days rented will only be charged at a rate of $50 each.  This will give the kids as much time as they would like to enjoy the inflatable in the safety of their own backyard.

2.  No inflatable will be rented out more than once in any given 7 day period.  This is longer than the 3 day period that COVID-19 is believed to live on plastics (vinyl).  This will be more than enough time for any virus to die on it's own.  See this link for reference: 

3.  In between rentals the inflatables will be cleaned and sanitized with an EPA approved COVID-19 cleaner by Jump 2 It employees.

4.  The delivered inflatable will be sanitized again with an EPA approved COVID-19 cleaner on site at the time of delivery.

5.  A spray bottle of EPA approved COVID-19 cleaner will be provided with each rental so that you can treat the unit on your own, to ease any concerns that you may have.

6.  Through the foreseeable future, we are moving to digital contracts and credit card payments only, so that there doesn't have to be any in-person contact between the delivery driver and the customer.

     For your reference, the cleaner that Jump 2 It uses is Lysol Brand Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner, EPA Registration Number 777-89 and can be seen on their approved list here:

As you can see, we are taking the safety of our customers very seriously and only following the most strict of guidelines with our inflatables.  If the state or National guidelines change and order a complete shutdown, then we will abide by those regulations as well and will refund any deposits made towards your rental.

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